USS Cassin Young DD-793 - Typhoons


Cassin Young passed thru and near a number of Typhoons during the war...

October 1 1944 thru October 8 1944

Typhoon Cobra, also known as the Halsey's Typhoon


CY War Diary:

12-17-44… Weather getting bad… Fueling from Marias(AO57) at 1120, 1245 parted fueling line, because of sea conditions… all fueling operations canceled till 11-18-44.

12-18-44… Typhoon, weather very bad, wind gale force 11. Center of Typhoon 25 miles from fleet.

12-19-44… Weather clearing high seas… Fueling from Marias(AO57)…

3rd Fleet damage do to Typhoon Cobra:

USS Hull - with 70% fuel aboard, capsized and sank with 202 men drowned (62 survivors)[3]

USS Monaghan - capsized and sank with 256 men drowned (six survivors)

USS Spence - rudder jammed hard to starboard, capsized and sank with 317 men drowned (23 survivors) after hoses parted attempting to refuel from New Jersey because they had also disobeyed orders to ballast down directly from Admiral Halsey

USS Cowpens - hangar door torn open and RADAR, 20mm gun sponson, whaleboat, jeeps, tractors, kerry crane, and 8 aircraft lost overboard. One sailor lost.

USS Monterey - hangar deck fire killed three men and caused evacuation of boiler rooms requiring repairs at Bremerton Navy yard

USS Langley - damaged

USS Cabot - damaged

USS San Jacinto - hangar deck planes broke loose and destroyed air intakes, vent ducts and sprinkling system causing widespread flooding. Damage repaired by USS Hector

USS Altamaha - hangar deck crane and aircraft broke loose and broke fire mains

USS Anzio - required major repair

USS Nehenta - damaged

USS Cape Esperance - flight deck fire required major repair

USS Kwajalein - lost steering control

USS Iowa - propeller shaft bent and lost a seaplane

USS Baltimore - required major repair

USS Miami - required major repair

USS Dewey - lost steering control, RADAR, the forward stack, and all power when salt water shorted main electrical switchboard

USS Aylwin - required major repair

USS Buchanan - required major repair

USS Dyson - required major repair

USS Hickox - required major repair

USS Maddox - damaged

USS Benham - required major repair

USS Donaldson - required major repair

USS Melvin R, Nawman - required major repair

USS Tabberer - lost foremast

USS Waterman - damaged

USS Nantahala - damaged

USS Jicarilla - damaged

USS Shasta - damaged "one deck collapsed, aircraft engines damaged, depth charges broke loose, damaged

Typhoon July18-201 1945

7-18-45… Arrived Buckner Bay Okinawa… Fueling from Cuyama(AO3)… Anchored Awaiting Orders… 0940 executed Typhoon plan William.

7-19-45… 0705 Underway to execute Typhoon plan Xray. Typhoon approaching from southwest.  1115 Typhoon to pass 60 miles to west of fleet.  1420 Screening SS Merferd Victory which dropped astern due to an engineering casualty.  Rejoined force at 1630.  Seas Rough wind force 5

7-20-45… Underway as before. Seas Rough wind force 4.

7-21-45… Returned to Buckner Bay. Sea moderate and overcast

Typhoon August 1 1945
CY War Diary:

7-31-45… Moored as before, Typhoon approaching from southeast.

8-1-45… Battle damage prevents ship from leaving bay to outrun Typhoon.

8-2-45… Wind force 6 waiting out Typhoon.