USS Cassin Young DD-793 - Men Rescued


264 men total rescued World War II



6-15-44… TG Operating east of Saipan, Marianas. Rescued four downed pilots


6-17-44… TG Operating east of Saipan, Marianas. Rescued one downed pilot.


9-9-44… Continued flight ops against Palau Island.  Rescued 4 out of 5 airmen from 2 planes which made water landings (Ens. Sample, AOM2c Pearson, Ltjg Matthews and ARM2c Krueger rescued, ARM2cClassner went down with plane)


10-24-44... 122 survivors on board. (1 Birmingham, 4 Irwin, 117 Princeton)


10-25-44…  Rescued one Pilot from Langley (Lt. Firetay)


11-14-44… Rescued one Langley Pilot (Ens Brody, no sign of his 2 crewmen)


11-25-44… Commenced Air operations Central Luzon Area.  Plane Guard Ticonderoga(CV14), rescued one pilot from water (LtCmd Vorse), rescued one of two seaman swept off deck of Ticonderoga (S1c Kowalchyk) other sailor lost.


1-7-45… Rescued one Hornet pilot (Ltjg Hayter)


1-9-45… Plane Guard Ticonderoga. Rescued one Ticonderoga pilot (Ltjg Burton)


1-13-45… Weather Bad.  Rescued one sailor from Gatling (MoMM2c Hickey) 


1-21-45… Rescued one Yorktown pilot (Lt Powell)