23 Cassin Young Crewmen Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice for there Country


Killed in Action - July 30, 1945

Wimer, Horace Bertman WT1c


Date of Birth:  26 Feb-13 making him 32 when he died…

Wife: Beatrice Clark Wimer


Date of Enlistment: 4 Jan-42  Enlisted from Springfield, MA

Reported Aboard: 31 Dec-43  from Rec Station Terminal Island, CA as a S1c, V-6


Horace was in the forward fire room when the plane hit the ship.  According to the medical officers official report of casualties he had 3rd degree steam burns over his entire body.


Final Resting Places:

Buried temporarily on Zamami Shima, Ryuku Retto. 

National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific