23 Cassin Young Crewmen Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice for there Country


Missing in Action - July 30, 1945

Barnes, Joseph James MM3c (T)



Date of Birth:  27 Apr-14 making him 28 when he died…

Wife: Eva

Date of Enlistment: 23 Sept-43  Enlisted from Philadelphia, PA

Reported Aboard: 31 Dec-43  from Rec Station Terminal Island, CA


Joe was reported to be at point of impact of the kamikaze aircraft seconds before it hit and was likely blown off the ship or blown to bits from the blast. No sign of Joe Barnes was ever found.


Final Resting Places:

The Honolulu Memorial is located within the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

On either side of the grand stairs leading to the memorial are eight Courts of the Missing on which are inscribed the names of the 18,096 American World War II missing from the Pacific, excluding those from the southwest Pacific